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Common Queries

How do I activate Fosshape?

With a flowing motion use an industrial hot air gun about 6-8 inches away from the fabric surface.  Work slowly and methodically, as the FOSSHAPE will continue to become stiffer, denser and continue to shrink in with additional heat.  Before starting your project, experimenting with a small piece is highly recomended to see what FOSSHAPE  can and can’t do. Practice and learn to understand the material. If not careful, you can actually melt or burn through creating a void….especially with the use of a hot air gun.  Work carefully and methoically as you cannot reverse the process. The use of steam heat from a fabric or costume steamer is  a bit more forgiving and a gentler heating process, so most often the tool of choice.  Use a steam iron to obtain a denser or smoother surface. Increasing steam heat along with repetitive pressure will increase rigidity and surface smoothness. As with any heat sources use common sense, caution and prudence as to not burn your self and keep away from flammable materials.

How do I activate Wonderflex

A wide variety of heat sources maybe used depending on the size of the craft or figure you are building.  Hot water, conventional ovens or even a microwave oven all work fine.  Most users prefer working with an industrial hot air gun with a flowing motion. Ahome hairdryer does not generate enough heat to provide adequate activation temperature, especiall with large pieces.

Can I achieve fine detail and delicate contours using WONDERFLEX?

With a little time, patience and experience the use of WONDERFLEX is truly “limited by your imagination”. Use traditional sculpting tools, a wooden tongue depressor, flat head srew driver, old spoons or whatever, to work more intricate areas. An ice bag or gel cold pack may help in speeding up the setup time or keep a newly formed area in tact while working an adjacent area with your hot air gun.  Use a soldering iron or a hot glue gun as your heat source tool without the glue stick for working small confined areas and for seams.

Suppliers of 
Wonderflex® and Fosshape®

WONDERFLEX® is leading heat activated/formable composite material and FOSSHAPE® is a heat activated fabric for theater, costumes, millinery, mask or armor making, puppetry, props, cosplay, craft work, model making, set design, the entertainment industry and beyond.

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